Guestmount /libguestfs-tools

FUSE module for libguestfs. guestmount lets you mount a virtual machine filesystem.

You must not use “guestmount” in read-write mode on live virtual machines. If you do this, you risk disk corruption in the VM .


sudo apt install libguestfs-tools


guestmount [--options] mountpoint


  -a|--add image       Add image
  -c|--connect uri     Specify libvirt URI for -d option
  --dir-cache-timeout  Set readdir cache timeout (default 5 sec)
  -d|--domain guest    Add disks from libvirt guest
  --echo-keys          Don't turn off echo for passphrases
  --fd=FD              Write to pipe FD when mountpoint is ready
  --format[=raw|..]    Force disk format for -a option
  --fuse-help          Display extra FUSE options
  -i|--inspector       Automatically mount filesystems
  --help               Display help message and exit
  --key selector       Specify a LUKS key
  --keys-from-stdin    Read passphrases from stdin
  --live               Connect to a live virtual machine
  -m|--mount dev[:mnt[:opts[:fstype]] Mount dev on mnt (if omitted, /)
  --no-fork            Don't daemonize
  -n|--no-sync         Don't autosync
  -o|--option opt      Pass extra option to FUSE
  --pid-file filename  Write PID to filename
  -r|--ro              Mount read-only
  --selinux            For backwards compat only, does nothing
  -v|--verbose         Verbose messages
  -V|--version         Display version and exit
  -w|--rw              Mount read-write
  -x|--trace           Trace guestfs API calls


Mount .VDH(X) Virtual Disk

  • -i - Automatically mount filesystems
  • --ro - Read Only
mkdir mountpoint
sudo guestmount --add <VM>.vhdx -i --ro mountpoint
cd mountpoint

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