This project was initially created in 2015 by @byt3bl33d3r, known as CrackMapExec. In 2019 @mpgn_x64 started maintaining the project for the next 4 years, adding a lot of great tools and features. In September 2023 he retired from maintaining the project.

Along with many other contributers, we (NeffIsBack, Marshall-Hallenbeck, and zblurx) developed new features, bugfixes, and helped maintain the original project CrackMapExec. During this time, with both a private and public repository, community contributions were not easily merged into the project. The 6-8 month discrepancy between the code bases caused many development issues and heavily reduced community-driven development. With the end of mpgn’s maintainer role, we (the remaining most active contributors) decided to maintain the project together as a fully free and open source project under the new name NetExec 🚀 Going forward, our intent is to maintain a community-driven and maintained project with regular updates for everyone to use.

You are on the latest up-to-date repository of the project NetExec (nxc) !

Installation via pipx

python3 -m pip install pipx
git clone
cd NetExec
pipx install .

On error uninstall pipx python3 -m pip uninstall pipx and remove local folder sudo rm .local/pipx. Then reinstall as listed above.

Upgrading current installation

pipx upgrade NetExec

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