Simple script to get some hash cracking done effectively.


git clone https://github.com/crypt0rr/hash-cracker

For use with Apple Silicon (M1/M2) systems, please use the following repo.

git clone https://github.com/crypt0rr/hash-cracker-apple-silicon


./hash-cracker [FLAG]


    -n / --no-limit
            Disable the use of optimized kernels (un-limits password length)
    -m / --module-info
            Display information around modules/options
    -s [hash-name] / --search [hash-name]
            Will search local DB for hash module. E.g. '-s ntlm'


$ ./hash-cracker.sh 
hash-cracker v3.1 by crypt0rr (https://github.com/crypt0rr)

Checking if requirements are met:
[+] Hashcat is installed
[+] common-substr is executable
[+] Python2 available
[+] expander is executable
[+] Potfile "hash-cracker.pot" present
[+] Optimised kernels enabled

0. Exit
1. Brute force
2. Light rules
3. Heavy rules
4. Enter specific word/name/company
5. Enter specific word/name/company (brute force)
6. Hybrid
7. Toggle-case
8. Combinator
9. Iterate results
10. Prefix suffix (advise: first run steps above)
11. Common substring (advise: first run steps above)
12. PACK rulegen
13. PACK mask
14. Fingerprint attack
15. Directory of word lists plain and then with OneRuleToRuleThemAll
16. Username iteration (only complete NTDS)
17. Markov-chain passwords generator

Please enter job number: 6
Enter hashtype (number): 1000
Hashtype 1000 | NTLM selected.
Enter full path to hashlist: input-bart 
Hashlist input-bart selected.
Single or Multiple wordlist mode? S/M: s
Enter full path to wordlist: wordlists/ignis-1M.txt 

URL List