Samba (SMB)

Server to provide AD and SMB/CIFS services to clients.


sudo apt update
sudo apt install samba


samba: root process [OPTION...]


  -M, --model=MODEL                  Select process model
      --maximum-runtime=seconds      set maximum runtime of the server process, till autotermination
  -b, --show-build                   show build info

Help options:
  -?, --help                         Show this help message
      --usage                        Display brief usage message

Common Samba options:
  -d, --debuglevel=DEBUGLEVEL        Set debug level
      --debug-stdout                 Send debug output to standard output
  -s, --configfile=CONFIGFILE        Use alternative configuration file
      --option=name=value            Set smb.conf option from command line
  -l, --log-basename=LOGFILEBASE     Basename for log/debug files
      --leak-report                  enable talloc leak reporting on exit
      --leak-report-full             enable full talloc leak reporting on exit

Daemon options:
  -D, --daemon                       Become a daemon (default)
  -i, --interactive                  Run interactive (not a daemon) and log to stdout
  -F, --foreground                   Run daemon in foreground (for daemontools, etc.)
      --no-process-group             Don't create a new process group

Version options:
  -V, --version                      Print version


First create a folder to share.

Restart service command sudo service smbd restart


Configuration file /etc/samba/smb.conf

    comment = Samba mynewshare
    path = /home/crypt0rr/mynewshare
    read only = no
    browsable = yes


It is recommended to use host based firewalls, for example UFW.

sudo ufw allow from to any port 445

Setting up User Account(s)

Adding a user.

sudo smbpasswd -a crypt0rr

Enable/disable user.

sudo smbpasswd -e crypt0rr
sudo smbpasswd -d crypt0rr

Check all user accounts configured for Samba sudo pdbedit -L -v.

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