LDEEP - Cache Mode


Install LDEEP.


ldeep cache [-h] [-d DIR] -p PREFIX {computers,domain_policy,gmsa,gpo,groups,machines,ou,pkis,pso,subnets,trusts,users,zones,from_guid,from_sid,memberships,membersof,object,sddl,zone} ...


  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -d DIR, --dir DIR     Use saved JSON files in specified directory as cache
  -p PREFIX, --prefix PREFIX
                        Prefix of ldeep saved files

  available commands

    computers           List the computer hostnames and resolve them if --resolve is specify.
    domain_policy       Return the domain policy.
    gmsa                List the gmsa accounts and retrieve NT hash if possible.
    gpo                 Return the list of Group policy objects.
    groups              List the groups.
    machines            List the machine accounts.
    ou                  Return the list of organizational units with linked GPO.
    pkis                List pkis.
    pso                 List the Password Settings Objects.
    subnets             List sites and associated subnets.
    trusts              List the domain's trust relationships.
    users               List users according to a filter.
    zones               List the DNS zones configured in the Active Directory.
    from_guid           Return the object associated with the given `guid`.
    from_sid            Return the object associated with the given `sid`.
    memberships         List the group for which `account` belongs to.
    membersof           List the members of `group`.
    object              Return the records containing `object` in a CN.
    sddl                Returns the SDDL of an object given it's CN.
    zone                Return the records of a DNS zone.

Example dataset

  • ldeep.tar.gz (14838 kb)
  • Examples

    The cache module depends on the collected data with the LDAP module.

    $ ldeep cache -p cache membersof 'Domain Admins'
    NestedDAGroup (group)