A typing application to level up your fingers!


  • An interactive & beautiful UI
  • Mechanical sounds!
  • Words and Time based typing
  • Real-time comparision of speed carets
  • Racebar themes with typing-speed based colors
  • Change styles/settings on the fly
  • Lots of options to tweak! (See tweaks)


git clone https://github.com/kraanzu/termtyper.git
cd termtyper
pip3 install .


Tweak Description
Difficulty Choose how strict termtyper should be with your wrong keypresses
Blind mode You wouldn’t be able to see your mistakes
Min Speed Fall below this average speed and you fail!
Min Accuracy Fall below this average accuracy and you fail!
Min Burst Fall below this average accuracy for even a word and you fail!
Force Correct You wouldn’t be able to able to go on without cleaning your pool of mistakes
Confidence mode Are you sure you don’t need backspace? Try this :)
Caret Style Caret style matters!
Cursor Buddy Setup your cursor buddy to run along with you!
Keypress Sound Need sounds while typing? Select your preference here
Click Sound Choose the sound you wanna hear when you smack that key!
Tab Reset Hey hey! You wanna reset already? I got ya!
Restart Same I won’t stop until I clear that passage!


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