Apply power saving settings manually and control ThinkPad battery features.


sudo apt install tlp

For ThinkPads install:

sudo apt install acpi-call-dkms


tlp start|true|bat|false|ac|usb|bayoff|chargeonce|discharge|setcharge|fullcharge|recalibrate|diskid


Set threshold

sudo tlp setcharge 75 80 BAT0

Check statistics

sudo tlp-stat -b

Recalibrate cycle

$ sudo tlp recalibrate

Currently discharging battery BAT0:
voltage            =  11750 [mV]
remaining capacity =  62340 [mWh]
remaining percent  =     77 [%]
remaining time     =    192 [min]
power              =  19411 [mW]
state              = Discharging
force discharge    = 1
Press Ctrl+C to cancel.

Temporarily fully charge

$ sudo tlp fullcharge
Setting temporary charge thresholds for BAT0:
  stop  = 100
  start =  96
Charging starts now, keep AC connected.

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