networkQuality allows for measuring the different aspects of Network Quality, including:

  • Maximal capacity (often described as speed)
  • The responsiveness of the connection. Responsiveness measures the quality of your network by the number of roundtrips completed per minute (RPM) under working conditions. See
  • Other aspects of the connection that affect the quality of experience.

NOTE: This tool will connect to the Internet to perform its tests. This will use data on your Internet service plan.


networkQuality [-C <configuration_url>] [-c] [-h] [-I <interfaceName>] [-s] [-v]


    -C: override Configuration URL
    -c: Produce computer-readable output
    -h: Show help (this message)
    -I: Bind test to interface (e.g., en0, pdp_ip0,...)
    -s: Run tests sequentially instead of parallel upload/download
    -v: Verbose output


$ networkQuality -v
==== SUMMARY ====                                                                                         
Upload capacity: 7.531 Mbps
Download capacity: 230.944 Mbps
Upload flows: 20
Download flows: 12
Responsiveness: Low (42 RPM)
Base RTT: 1075
Start: 13/01/2022, 10:32:07
End: 13/01/2022, 10:32:30
OS Version: Version 12.1 (Build 21C52)

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