adPEAS is a Powershell tool to automate Active Directory enumeration. In fact, adPEAS is like a wrapper for different other cool projects like

  • PowerView
  • Empire
  • Bloodhound
  • and some own written lines of code

As said, adPEAS is a wrapper for other tools. They are almost all written in pure Powershell but some of them are included as compressed binary blob or C# code.

adPEAS-Light is a version without Bloodhound and vulnerability checks and it is more likely that it will not blocked by an AV solution.

How It Works

adPEAS can be run simply by starting the script via ‘invoke-adPEAS’ if it is started on a domain joined computer. If the system you are running adPEAS from is not domain joined or you want to enumerate another domain, use a certain domain controller to connect to, use different credentials or just to enumerate for credential exposure only, you can do it by using defined parameters.

adPEAS Modules

adPEAS consists of the following enumeration modules:

  • Domain - Searching for basic Active Directory information, like Domain Controllers, Sites und Subnets, Trusts and DCSync rights
  • CA - Searching for basic Enterprise Certificate Authority information, like CA Name, CA Server and Templates
  • Creds - Searching for different kind of credential exposure, like ASREPRoast, Kerberoasting, GroupPolicies, Netlogon scripts, LAPS, gMSA, certain account attributes, e.g. UnixPassword, etc.
  • Delegation - Searching for delegation issues, like ‘Constrained Delegation’, ‘Unconstrained Delegation’ and ‘Resource Based Unconstrained Delegation’, for computer and user accounts
  • Accounts - Searching for high privileged user accounts in predefined groups, account issues like e.g. password not expire
  • Computer - Enumerating Domain Controllers, CA and Exchange server, with the switch -Vulns it checks the systems for EternalBlue, BlueKeep, ZeroLogon and critical Exchange vulnerabilities
  • Bloodhound - Enumerating Active Directory with BloodHound


Download newest .zip file from


Import-Module .\adPEAS.ps1
Invoke-adPEAS -Domain '' | Out-File output.txt


Check the Github repo.


PS > Invoke-adPEAS -Domain '' | Out-File output.txt

adPEAS version 0.7.9
Checking Domain - Details for Domain '':

Domain Name             :
Domain SID              : S-1-5-21-3509477529-2169914037-1395257886
Domain Functional Level : Windows 2016
Forest Name             :
Forest Children         : No Subdomain[s] available
Domain Controller       :

Checking Password Policy - Details for Domain '':
Minimum Password Age    : 1 days
Maximum Password Age    : 42 days
Minimum Password Length : 7 character
Password Complexity     : Enabled
Lockout Account         : Disabled
Reversible Encryption   : Disabled

Checking Kerberos Policy - Details for Domain '':
Maximum Age of TGT            : 10 hours
Maximum Age of TGS            : 600 minutes
Maximum Clock Time Difference : 5 minutes
Krbtgt Password Last Set      : 2/5/2022 9:36:56 AM

Checking Domain Controller - Details for Domain '':
DC Host Name  :
DC IP Address :
Site Name     : Default-First-Site-Name
Domain        :
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