CutyCapt is a small cross-platform command-line utility to capture WebKit’s rendering of a web page into a variety of vector and bitmap formats, including SVG, PDF, PS, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, and BMP.


Please use within Kali.


CutyCapt --url= --out=localfile.png


  --help                         Print this help page and exit                
  --url=<url>                    The URL to capture (http:...|file:...|...)   
  --out=<path>                   The target file (.png|pdf|ps|svg|jpeg|...)   
  --out-format=<f>               Like extension in --out, overrides heuristic 
  --min-width=<int>              Minimal width for the image (default: 800)   
  --min-height=<int>             Minimal height for the image (default: 600)  
  --max-wait=<ms>                Don't wait more than (default: 90000, inf: 0)
  --delay=<ms>                   After successful load, wait (default: 0)     
  --user-style-path=<path>       Location of user style sheet file, if any    
  --user-style-string=<css>      User style rules specified as text           
  --header=<name>:<value>        request header; repeatable; some can't be set
  --method=<get|post|put>        Specifies the request method (default: get)  
  --body-string=<string>         Unencoded request body (default: none)       
  --body-base64=<base64>         Base64-encoded request body (default: none)  
  --app-name=<name>              appName used in User-Agent; default is none  
  --app-version=<version>        appVers used in User-Agent; default is none  
  --user-agent=<string>          Override the User-Agent header Qt would set  
  --javascript=<on|off>          JavaScript execution (default: on)           
  --java=<on|off>                Java execution (default: unknown)            
  --plugins=<on|off>             Plugin execution (default: unknown)          
  --private-browsing=<on|off>    Private browsing (default: unknown)          
  --auto-load-images=<on|off>    Automatic image loading (default: on)        
  --js-can-open-windows=<on|off> Script can open windows? (default: unknown)  
  --js-can-access-clipboard=<on|off> Script clipboard privs (default: unknown)
  --print-backgrounds=<on|off>   Backgrounds in PDF/PS output (default: off)  
  --zoom-factor=<float>          Page zoom factor (default: no zooming)       
  --zoom-text-only=<on|off>      Whether to zoom only the text (default: off) 
  --http-proxy=<url>             Address for HTTP proxy server (default: none)
  --smooth                       Attempt to enable Qt's high-quality settings.
  --insecure                     Ignore SSL/TLS certificate errors            
  <f> is svg,ps,pdf,itext,html,rtree,png,jpeg,mng,tiff,gif,bmp,ppm,xbm,xpm    
 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- - (c) 2003-2013 Bjoern Hoehrmann - [email protected]


cutycapt --url= --out=kali.png


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