Small, fast, simple tool for performing reverse DNS lookups en masse. You feed it IP addresses, it returns hostnames.

This can be a useful way of finding domains and subdomains belonging to a company from their IP addresses.


go install github.com/hakluke/hakrevdns@latest


hakrevdns [OPTIONS]


  -t, --threads=           How many threads should be used (default: 8)
  -r, --resolver=          IP of the DNS resolver to use for lookups
  -P, --protocol=[tcp|udp] Protocol to use for lookups (default: udp)
  -p, --port=              Port to bother the specified DNS resolver on (default: 53)
  -d, --domain             Output only domains

Help Options:
  -h, --help               Show this help message


Basic Usage with prips

Used in combination with prips.

$ prips | hakrevdns    he.paypal.com.    twofasapi.paypal.com.    www-carrier.paypal.com.    twofasapi.paypal.com.    pointofsale.paypal.com.    slc-a-origin-pointofsale.paypal.com.    smsapi.paypal.com.    m.paypal.com.    prm.paypal.com.    mpltapi.paypal.com.    ipnpb.paypal.com.    active-www.paypal.com.    securepayments.paypal.com.

Using non-system DNS

$ echo "" | hakrevdns -r     he.paypal.com.

Only DNS without IP

$ echo "" | hakrevdns -d        

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