Passepartout is a smart OpenVPN client perfectly integrated with Apple platforms. Passepartout is the only app you need for both well-known OpenVPN providers and your personal OpenVPN servers.

With Trusted Networks, Passepartout unlocks the very best of using a VPN.

Passepartout does not engage any unrequested background activity other than the VPN tunnel, thus being also friendlier to firewalls.

  • Presets for multiple providers (virtually any)
  • Trusted networks
  • Siri shortcuts (iOS)
  • Override network settings
  • No background activities
  • Wise on battery

Easy to use

  • Incredible ease of use, with native look & feel.
  • Handle your profiles in one single place.
  • Import .ovpn configuration files.
  • Use Trusted Networks to fine-grain your connectivity.
  • Fine-tune encryption without tweaking any configuration file.
  • Override network settings in a snap (default gateway, DNS, proxy, MTU).

Privacy Friendly

  • Full transparency on what servers you’re connecting to.
  • Pick pre-resolved endpoints when DNS is problematic.
  • No web services, ads or any undesired bloat besides the VPN itself.


macOS / iOS

Download from Apple AppStore


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