EmailSecCheck is a lightweight Python utility that checks whether email security DNS records (DMARC and SPF) are configured properly for a domain. EmailSecCheck is powered by checkdmarc, and leverages it to identify common misconfigurations in DNS records that may enable for email spoofing.

Email spoofing is identified under the following conditions:

  • SPF Issues
    • SPF configured as something other than fail or softfail
    • SPF record is missing
    • SPF record contains a syntax error
  • DMARC Issues
    • Multiple SPF records exist
    • DMARC record is missing
    • DMARC record contains a syntax error
    • Multiple DMARC records exist


git clone
python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

Usage [-h] (--domain DOMAIN | --domains_file DOMAINS_FILE)


  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --domain DOMAIN       Domain to check for SPF/DMARC issues (default: None)
  --domains_file DOMAINS_FILE
                        File containing list of domains to check for SPF/DMARC issues (default: None)


$ python3 --domain
 [+] INFO: Analyzing 1 domain(s)...
 [+] INFO: Analyzing
 [-] WARN: DMARC record is missing for ''

 Spoofing possible for 1 domain(s): 

URL List