Interactive access to the dynamic store.


scutil [OPTIONS]


    scutil --prefs [preference-file]
        interactive access to the [raw] stored preferences.

   or: scutil [-W] -r nodename
   or: scutil [-W] -r address
   or: scutil [-W] -r local-address remote-address
        check reachability of node, address, or address pair (-W to "watch").

   or: scutil -w dynamic-store-key [ -t timeout ]
        -w      wait for presense of dynamic store key
        -t      time to wait for key

   or: scutil --get pref
   or: scutil --set pref [newval]
   or: scutil --get filename path key  
        pref    display (or set) the specified preference.  Valid preferences
                        ComputerName, LocalHostName, HostName
        newval  New preference value to be set.  If not specified,
                the new value will be read from standard input.

   or: scutil --dns
        show DNS configuration.

   or: scutil --proxy
        show "proxy" configuration.

   or: scutil --nwi
        show network information

   or: scutil --nc
        show VPN network configuration information. Use --nc help for full command list

   or: scutil --allow-new-interfaces [off|on]
        manage new interface creation with screen locked.

   or: scutil --error err#
        display a descriptive message for the given error code


Change System Hostname / Bonjour and Computer Name

System Hostname:

sudo scutil --set HostName crypt0rr.local

Bonjour Hostname:

sudo scutil --set LocalHostName crypt0rr

Computer Name:

sudo scutil --set ComputerName crypt0rr

Show DNS Configuration

scutil --dns

Show Network Information

scutil --nwi

URL list