OpenCore Legacy Patcher

A python program for building and booting OpenCore on both legacy and modern Macs, see our in-depth Guide for more information.

Supported features:

  • System Integrity Protection, FileVault 2, .im4m Secure Boot and Vaulting
  • WPA Wifi and Personal Hotspot support
  • Native OTA OS DELTA updates on all Macs
  • Recovery OS, Safe Mode and Single-user Mode booting
  • Zero firmware patching required (ie. APFS ROM patching)
  • GPU Switching on MacBook Pro models (2012 and newer)

Note: Only clean-installs and upgrades are supported, macOS Big Sur installs already patched with other patchers, such as Patched Sur or bigmac, cannot be used due to broken file integrity with APFS snapshots and SIP.

  • You can however reinstall macOS with this patcher and retain your original data

Note 2: Currently OpenCore Legacy Patcher officially supports patching to run macOS Big Sur and Monterey installs. For older OSes, OpenCore may function however support is currently not provided from Dortania.

Running from source

To run the project from source, see here: Build and run from source

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