A tool for visual inspection of websites across a large amount of hosts and is convenient for quickly gaining an overview of HTTP-based attack surface.

Automated version - Subdomain Visualizer


git clone
go build


aquatone [OPTIONS]


Usage of aquatone:
  -chrome-path string
        Full path to the Chrome/Chromium executable to use. By default, aquatone will search for Chrome or Chromium
  -filter-codes string
        Filter hosts that return any of these HTTP status codes (seperated by commas)
  -filter-string string
        Filter host thats have this string in the response body
        Follow HTTP redirects
        Screenshot full web pages
  -http-header value
        Optional HTTP request header (can be used multiple times for multiple headers)
  -http-timeout int
        Timeout in milliseconds for HTTP requests (default 15000)
  -input-file string
        Input file to parse hosts (Nmap or Raw) rather than STDIN
  -match-codes string
        Filter hosts that do not return any of these HTTP status codes (seperated by commas)
        Parse input as Nmap/Masscan XML
        Use offline JS files to generate the template report (can be browsed without Internet)
  -out string
        Directory to write files to (default ".")
  -ports string
        Ports to scan on hosts. Supported list aliases: small, medium, large, xlarge (default "80,443,8080,8443")
  -proxy string
        Proxy to use for HTTP requests
        Save response bodies to files (default true)
  -scan-timeout int
        Timeout in milliseconds for port scans (default 3000)
  -screenshot-delay int
        Delay in milliseconds before taking screenshots
  -screenshot-timeout int
        Timeout in milliseconds for screenshots (default 40000)
  -session string
        Load Aquatone session file and generate HTML report
        Suppress all output except for errors
  -similarity float
        Similarity rate for screenshots clustering (default 0.85)
  -template-path string
        Path to HTML template to use for report
  -threads int
        Number of concurrent threads (default number of logical CPUs)
  -thumbnail-size string
        Screenshot thumbnail size (format: width,height)
  -timeout int
        Generic timeout for everything. (specific timeouts will be ignored if set)
        Print current Aquatone version


cat <targets> | ./aquatone -ports <flag>

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