git clone
python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

Usage [-h] -d  [-t] [-u] [-a] [-U] [-p] [-o] [-T] [-e] [-r] [-x] [-n] [-k] [-v] [-D]


  -h, --help           show this help message and exit
  -d , --domain        target domain name (required)
  -t , --tenant        tenant name
  -u , --username      user to target
  -a , --append        mutator: append a number, character, or string to a username
  -U , --userfile      file containing usernames (wordlists) -- will also take a directory
  -p , --playlist      file containing list of paths to user lists (wordlists) to try
  -o , --output        file to write output to (default: output.log)
  -T , --threads       total number of threads (defaut: 100)
  -e , --environment   Azure environment to target [commercial (default), chinese, gov]
  -r, --rerun          force re-run of previously tested tenant/domain/wordlist combination
  -x, --skip-tried     dedupe. skip any usernames from previous runs
  -n, --no-db          disable logging to db
  -k , --killafter     kill off non-productive jobs after x tries with no success
  -v, --verbose        enable verbose output
  -D, --debug          enable debug output


$ python3 -U users.txt -d

|           OneDrive Enumerator           |
|       2019 @nyxgeek - TrustedSec        |

Reading users from file: users.txt
Connection to was successful...
Beginning enumeration of
[-] [404] not found - johndoe
[-] [404] not found - janedoe
[+] [403] VALID ONEDRIVE FOR - crypt0rr
[+] [403] VALID ONEDRIVE FOR - crypt0rr-adm
[+] [403] VALID ONEDRIVE FOR - attacker

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