MicroBurst includes functions and scripts that support Azure Services discovery, weak configuration auditing, and post exploitation actions such as credential dumping. It is intended to be used during penetration tests where Azure is in use.


Import-Module .\MicroBurst.psm1
dir -Recurse .\MicroBurst-master | Unblock-File

Recommended Modules to install:

  • Az - Install-Module -Name Az
  • AzureAd - Install-Module -Name AzureAD
  • MSOnline - Install-Module -Name MSOnline

If you haven’t configured the use of PowerShell Gallery, please look at PowerShell - Enable repository use



Enumeration script for Azure subdomains.

. .\InvokeEnumerateAzureSubDomains.ps1
Invoke-EnumerateAzureSubDomains -Base <TENANT NAME> -Verbose
PS > Invoke-EnumerateAzureSubDomains -Base offsec -Verbose
VERBOSE: No permutations file found
VERBOSE: Found offsec.onmicrosoft.com
VERBOSE: Found offsec.mail.protection.outlook.com
VERBOSE: Found offsec.sharepoint.com

Subdomain                                       Service                
---------                                       -------                
offsec.mail.protection.outlook.com              Email                  
offsec.onmicrosoft.com                          Microsoft Hosted Domain
offsec.sharepoint.com                           SharePoint

URL List