Shodan is the world’s first search engine for Internet-connected devices.


Find devices in a particular city


Find devices in a particular country


Find specific title


Search for specific organisation


Chromecasts / Smart TVs

"Chromecast:" port:8008

Microsoft RDP


Open surveilance cameras (user: admin without password)

NETSurveillance uc-httpd


"authentication disabled" "RFB 003.008"
"authentication disabled" port:5900,5901

Find certificate properties

"<name> country:nl"

Find based on favicon

Get the favicon and create a hash with the following script. To use makes sure to edit the URL in the script.


Shodan CLI


easy_install shodan
python3 -m pip install shodan




  -h, --help  Show this message and exit.

  alert       Manage the network alerts for your account
  convert     Convert the given input data file into a different format.
  count       Returns the number of results for a search
  data        Bulk data access to Shodan
  domain      View all available information for a domain
  download    Download search results and save them in a compressed JSON...
  honeyscore  Check whether the IP is a honeypot or not.
  host        View all available information for an IP address
  info        Shows general information about your account
  init        Initialize the Shodan command-line
  myip        Print your external IP address
  org         Manage your organization's access to Shodan
  parse       Extract information out of compressed JSON files.
  radar       Real-Time Map of some results as Shodan finds them.
  scan        Scan an IP/ netblock using Shodan.
  search      Search the Shodan database
  stats       Provide summary information about a search query
  stream      Stream data in real-time.
  version     Print version of this tool.
shodan search country:"DE" port:"445"

List of Shodan Filters

General Filters

Name Description Type
after Only show results after the given date (dd/mm/yyyy) string string
asn Autonomous system number string string
before Only show results before the given date (dd/mm/yyyy) string string
category Available categories: ics, malware string string
city Name of the city string string
country 2-letter country code string string
geo Accepts between 2 and 4 parameters. If 2 parameters: latitude,longitude. If 3 parameters: latitude,longitude,range. If 4 parameters: top left latitude, top left longitude, bottom right latitude, bottom right longitude. string
hash Hash of the data property integer integer
has_ipv6 True/ False boolean boolean
has_screenshot True/ False boolean boolean
hostname Full hostname for the device string string
ip Alias for net filter string string
isp ISP managing the netblock string string
net Network range in CIDR notation (ex. string string
org Organization assigned the netblock string string
os Operating system string string
port Port number for the service integer string
postal Postal code (US-only) string string
product Name of the software/ product providing the banner string string
region Name of the region/ state string string
state Alias for region string string
version Version for the product string string
vuln CVE ID for a vulnerability string string

HTTP Filters

Name Description Type
http.component Name of web technology used on the website string
http.component_category Category of web components used on the website string
http.html HTML of web banners string
http.html_hash Hash of the website HTML integer
http.status Response status code integer
http.title Title for the web banners website string

NTP Filters

Name Description Type
ntp.ip IP addresses returned by monlist string
ntp.ip_count Number of IPs returned by initial monlist integer
ntp.more True/ False; whether there are more IP addresses to be gathered from monlist boolean
ntp.port Port used by IP addresses in monlist integer

SSL Filters

Name Description Type
has_ssl True / False boolean
ssl Search all SSL data string
ssl.alpn Application layer protocols such as HTTP/2 (“h2”) string
ssl.chain_count Number of certificates in the chain integer
ssl.version Possible values: SSLv2, SSLv3, TLSv1,TLSv1.1, TLSv1.2 string
ssl.cert.alg Certificate algorithm string
ssl.cert.expired True / False boolean
ssl.cert.extension vNames of extensions in the certificate string
ssl.cert.serial Serial number as an integer or hexadecimal string integer / string
ssl.cert.pubkey.bits Number of bits in the public key integer
ssl.cert.pubkey.type Public key type string
ssl.cipher.version SSL version of the preferred cipher string
ssl.cipher.bits Number of bits in the preferred cipher integer Name of the preferred cipher string

Telnet Filters

Name Description Type
telnet.option Search all the options string The server requests the client do support these options string
telnet.dont The server requests the client to not support these options string
telnet.will The server supports these options string
telnet.wont The server doesnt support these options string

URL List