You can use this subcommand in order to interact with an Amass graph database, either the default or the one specified with the “-dir” flag.


Install Amass.


amass db [options]


  -config string
        Path to the YAML configuration file. Additional details below
  -d value
        Domain names separated by commas (can be used multiple times)
        Censor output to make it suitable for demonstrations
  -df string
        Path to a file providing root domain names
  -dir string
        Path to the directory containing the graph database
  -h    Show the program usage message
        Show the program usage message
        Show the IP addresses for discovered names
        Show the IPv4 addresses for discovered names
        Show the IPv6 addresses for discovered names
        Print Just Discovered Names
        Disable colorized output
  -o string
        Path to the text file containing terminal stdout/stderr
        Print the results for the enumeration index + domains provided
        Disable all output during execution
        Print Just ASN Table Summary


Show domains in database

$ amass db -names

Show specific domain from database

$ amass db -show -d example.com
Could take a moment while acquiring AS network information

OWASP Amass v3.10.1                               https://github.com/OWASP/Amass
2 names discovered - scrape: 2
ASN: 3549 - HP-INTERNET-AS Hewlett Packard Europe S.
      ::/0                    2    Subdomain Name(s)
ASN: 15133 - EDGECAST - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business         2    Subdomain Name(s)