Subdomain Visualizer

Script that visualizes subdomains for the domain you want.


git clone


chmod +x


$ ./ 
Subdomain-visualizer v0.3 by crypt0rr

For educational purposes only! Do not use against domains you don't own / allowed to scan.

Checking requirements...
[+] aquatone is installed
[+] crobat is installed
[+] nmap is installed
[+] Internet connection up

Folder recon-folder will be created, this will contain results
Please enter a domain to harvest (e.g.
1. SonarSearch Crobat
2. (APIKEY required)
3. You own file containing subdomains
What source should be used for subdomains: 1
Total subdomains found by crobat: 2

Running nmap agains found subdomains
Starting Nmap 7.80 ( ) at 2021-03-09 15:15 CET


URL List