This repository contains three small python/bash scripts used for the Git research.


git clone


You can use this tool to find websites with their .git repository available to the public

Usage (finder)

This python script identifies websites with publicly accessible .git repositories. It checks if the .git/HEAD file contains refs/heads.

$ ./ -h

# Finder is part of
# Developed and maintained by @gehaxelt from @internetwache
# Use at your own risk. Usage might be illegal in certain circumstances.
# Only for educational purposes!

usage: [-h] [-i INPUTFILE] [-o OUTPUTFILE] [-t THREADS]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -i INPUTFILE, --inputfile INPUTFILE
                        input file
  -o OUTPUTFILE, --outputfile OUTPUTFILE
                        output file
  -t THREADS, --threads THREADS

The input file should contain the targets one per line. The script will output discovered domains in the form of [*] Found: DOMAIN to stdout.


This tool can be used to download as much as possible from the found .git repository from webservers which do not have directory listing enabled.

Usage (dumper)

$ ./ -h

[*] USAGE: http://target.tld/.git/ dest-dir [--git-dir=otherdir]
        --git-dir=otherdir      Change the git folder name. Default: .git

Note: This tool has no 100% guaranty to completely recover the .git repository. Especially if the repository has been compressed into pack-files, it may fail.


A small bash script to extract commits and their content from a broken repository.

This script tries to recover incomplete git repositories:

  • Iterate through all commit-objects of a repository
  • Try to restore the contents of the commit
  • Commits are not sorted by date


./ /tmp/mygitrepo /tmp/mygitrepodump


  • /tmp/mygitrepo contains a .git directory
  • /tmp/mygitrepodump is the destination directory

This can be used in combination with the Git Dumper in case the downloaded repository is incomplete.


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