prips is a tool that can be used to print all of the IP addresses in a given range. It can enhance the usability of tools that are made to work on only one host at a time (e.g. whois).


sudo apt install prips
brew install prips


prips [options] <start end | CIDR block>


-c              print range in CIDR notation
-d <x>          set the delimiter to the character with ASCII code 'x'
                where 0 <= x <= 255 
-h              display this help message and exit 
-f <x>          set the format of addresses (hex, dec, or dot)
-i <x>          set the increment to 'x'
-e <x.x.x,x.x>  exclude a range from the output, e.g. -e ..4. will
                not print 192.168.4.[0-255]

prips --help | --version | --features


$ prips

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