NBTscan is a program for scanning IP networks for NetBIOS name information. It sends NetBIOS status query to each address in supplied range and lists received information in human readable form. For each responded host it lists IP address, NetBIOS computer name, logged-in user name and MAC address (such as Ethernet).

See http://www.inetcat.org/software/nbtscan.html for NBTscan homepage.


sudo apt install nbtscan


nbtscan [-v] [-d] [-e] [-l] [-t timeout] [-b bandwidth] [-r] [-q] [-s separator] [-m retransmits] (-f filename)|(<scan_range>) 


        -v              verbose output. Print all names received
                        from each host
        -d              dump packets. Print whole packet contents.
        -e              Format output in /etc/hosts format.
        -l              Format output in lmhosts format.
                        Cannot be used with -v, -s or -h options.
        -t timeout      wait timeout milliseconds for response.
                        Default 1000.
        -b bandwidth    Output throttling. Slow down output
                        so that it uses no more that bandwidth bps.
                        Useful on slow links, so that ougoing queries
                        don't get dropped.
        -r              use local port 137 for scans. Win95 boxes
                        respond to this only.
                        You need to be root to use this option on Unix.
        -q              Suppress banners and error messages,
        -s separator    Script-friendly output. Don't print
                        column and record headers, separate fields with separator.
        -h              Print human-readable names for services.
                        Can only be used with -v option.
        -m retransmits  Number of retransmits. Default 0.
        -f filename     Take IP addresses to scan from file filename.
                        -f - makes nbtscan take IP addresses from stdin.
        <scan_range>    what to scan. Can either be single IP
                        like or
                        range of addresses in one of two forms: 
                        xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/xx or xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx-xxx.
        nbtscan -r
                Scans the whole C-class network.
                Scans a range from to
        nbtscan -v -s :
                Scans C-class network. Prints results in script-friendly
                format using colon as field separator.
                Produces output like that:
        nbtscan -f iplist
                Scans IP addresses specified in file iplist.


$ sudo nbtscan -r
Doing NBT name scan for addresses from

IP address       NetBIOS Name     Server    User             MAC address      
------------------------------------------------------------------------------       DC01             <server>  <unknown>       LAP1             <server>  <unknown>        00:25:[REDACTED]       LAP2             <server>  <unknown>        cc:d3:[REDACTED]       LAP3             <server>  <unknown>        54:bf:[REDACTED]     pfsense          <server>  <unknown>        a4:bb:[REDACTED]

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